We are an active group of RPCVs who also value the continuation of Peace Corps.  By advocating on behalf of Peace Corps we are a part of a national movement of RPCVs.  Together we raise our voices to ensure our electeds know how important Peace Corps is not only for the communities where we worked but also for the communities we returned to. If you would like to get involved in this vital activity, please email 

What can YOU do right NOW? 

Are you interested in getting even more involved? 

  • Become an Area Advocacy Coordinator!! (job description below)

Tell your representative how much your Peace Corps service meant to you:

Stayed tuned to find out when we are meeting with your representative.  

Area Advocacy Coordinator Job Description

We hope to have a coordinator from each Representative district. (5 in San Diego County!)  If you are interested in this position please contact

Are you ready to take your commitment to Peace Corps to the next level? Get involved with advocacy on the local level!


  • Organize 1 meeting each year with your representative and other area RPCV constituents
  • Join occasional NPCA conference calls about advocacy
  • Assist in organizing an activity for Peace Corps week each March
  • Organize letter writing (email) campaigns when necessary
  • Help keep website up to date by emailing webmaster future events

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will join our advocacy team!