Don Beck, Bolivia 1967-69 
Rest in Peace

Many long time members of the San Diego Peace Corps Association had the pleasure of knowing Don Beck. Don served in Bolivia as a TOEFL teacher and continued teaching as a career when he returned to the US. He taught special ed at the middle and high school level and later taught computers.

Don was a long time member of the SDPCA and put his computer skills to use! For more than two decades, Don served tirelessly as the layout editor of the print version of the bi-monthly Pacific Waves newsletter, winning several design awards from NPCA.  In 1996, Don suggested that the SDPCA could host a website and then proceeded to serve as the website editor for the next 15 or so years. 

Don retired from teaching in 2002 and then spent much of his time in Ireland with his partner Rick. He continued to do the design and layout (and often content collection) from abroad until we switched to an email version of the newsletter in recent years.  He was also very active with the Friends of Bolivia RPCV group.

SDPCA member Ellen Shively shares: He had a marvelous laugh and sense of humor and was a true gentle giant. One of the best "American Ambassadors" the Peace Corps sent abroad.

You are forever in our hearts, Don. Rest in peace. 

August 2021