Special Membership Announcement

As the new SDPCA Membership Chair, I would like to share two actions to improve and simplify the join and renew process and to upgrade our incomplete and outdated SDPCA Membership records.

1.Membership (or renewal) will begin the month of payment and continue for one year. Annual Membership will no longer be on a Jan-Dec Annual Calendar. Membership is free for new members 1 year from COS. You will receive a reminder before your renewal date.

2.To help us to update our records, SDPCA is conducting a brief survey.


With better information we can:

Send you what you want where you want it (email and USPS)

Map where we have served to show our collective experience

Target SDPCA activities to member priorities

Reach new members and build stronger friendships and networks

Increase our impact through greater participation

This is a NEW form and we would like EVERYONE to complete it, whether you pay membership dues or not.

RPCV couples, please each complete the survey. Note that SDPCA will never share your information and will use it for internal purposes only.

3.You CAN take this opportunity to join or renew your membership by paying by:


Check to: SDPCA, PO Box 16632, San Diego, CA 92176

Membership and donations provide funding for projects of Peace Corps volunteers in countries around the world, local community-based projects, refugee support, nonprofit administrative costs, and SDPCA's fun-filled calendar of events.

We want to hear from you even if you have already paid your membership or if you membership is not current. SDPCA Annual Membership dues are $20/yr. but payment is not a requirement for participation in SDPCA activities. We welcome all with open arms!

Special thanks,

Laura Streichert, PhD, MPH, RPCV Nepal
SDPCA Membership Chair


Become an SDPCA Member! Annual membership is $20, renewable on January 1.

New or Renewal - 

Fill out the form below and then send payment either: 

Online: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclic... 

Or by check:  SDPCA, PO Box 16632, San Diego, CA 92176.  Be sure to include your country of services and dates served plus current contact information. 

**If you are having trouble accessing the payment page, contact Sharon at sharonkennedya@gmail.com to request an electronic invoice.**

Returned within the past 12 months? Membership is free for 1 year from COS date. Fill out form below but don't pay.

Questions? Contact  Laura at membershipinfo@SDPCA.org.

Photo: SDPCA Day at the Bay